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As of March 27 2020  the Pool industry is NO longer considered Essential.
Based on the NO Construction restrictions for NY The opening of pools is NOT Allowed.
While the National Pool & Spa institute is in negotiations with NY state to reverse this decision.

Currently no work may be performed. If / when this information changes or is updated, I will let you know.
 I fully anticipate to work this spring and begin accepting opening appointments but for the here and now my hands are tied.

Cover Charges

Because there are so many different types and styles of winter covers today, we bill this as a separate service in winterize and our summerize services.

These are based on sizes up to 20 X 40  all odd shapes and larger sizes are additional charges.

Saftey Mesh
$ 40.00
Saftey Solid
Solid Vinyl
De-Water Cover
per hour



From time to time pools require some repair work.
Whether it seems to be lines, skimmers, main drain or your just not sure.
This happens to be one our specialties. By tradition we are gunite guys.
That is, we have replaced and installed countless skimmers, return lines, skimmer lines and filters only to mention a few.

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