What can we do for you

From time to time pools require some repair work.
Whether it seems to be lines, skimmers, main drain or your just not sure.
This happens to be one our specialties. By tradition we are gunite guys.
That is, we have replaced and installed countless skimmers, return lines, skimmer lines and filters only to mention a few.


Renovations are our favorites and our specialty.
To take an older pool and bring it back to life
making it look and function like it is suppose to
brings us great joy. If your pool could use a little
fixing up or simply doesn`t look and work as it should,

Let`s Talk ! Very often the investment is returned with interest.


Replace & install tile.
Diagnose and pressure test lines.
Drill through walls of pool for new returns.
Replace & install new filter system.
Replace and install lines..
Chop away and install new skimmers to pool.
Install salt systems

Though we do not replace vinyl pool liners, we do offer referrals for those who find themselves in that situation.

 Contact us today to talk about the repairs needed.